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Why should you get a Copy General prepaid card?

Do you want to save money?
 Do you need a small number of copies made?
 Do you use our services often?

With a prepaid card,  you get more for less

You don’t have to wait at the cash desk.
You will get additional discounts when topping up your credit – if you top up CZK 2,000, you get a 5% discount.
If you top up CZK 5,000, you get a 7% discount, and if you top up CZK 10,000, you get a 10% discount. This means you can save CZK 1,000 on your printouts. 

You can register at any of our branches.
You can get a prepaid card for free. The minimum top-up amount is CZK 170.

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Konzultace on-line
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